Tree Faces

Add Personality To A Tree

Forest Faces and Tree Faces are Synonymous

Forest faces are an exciting new way to bring life to old trees. They are large visages made of wood that attach to a tree giving the appearance that the tree

is a giant being. The faces can make trees look like many things including: Ents, Dryads, Cartoon characters, animals, sports fans, and many other various beings. The faces have a mystique of overlooking and protecting. With multiple tree faces it is possible to make an entire crowd of giant spirits.

Forest faces make great gifts for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, and other specials occasions. They are inexpensive and will always bring a smile to whoever receives one. Hanging the faces up together can also be a fun activity. They are easy to order online and come shipped with wire to hang The forest faces only take minutes to put up and are easy to attach to the tree. Once the face is attached to the tree it will breathe new life into an old tree.

For the sports fans, forest faces now come in team brands. Some of the major sports represented include the NFL, MLB, NBA, NCAA College Football, other NCAA sports, and NASCAR. Turn your tree into the biggest football fan on the planet with a forest face of your favorite team. Some of the faces come with hats that represent the sports team, others are painted with the emblems or colors of the team.

The faces also make great conversation starts. Having a 40 foot tall cartoon character in your backyard is a great conversation point at barbeques and parties. Neighbors will be intrigued by the forest faces and they are a great way to bring a grin to everyone’s face.

The forest faces are extremely weatherproof and will remain attached to the tree until taken down. The faces are either wooden or made of all weather garden stone which is extremely strong and will not last for many years. The paint will not wear and the sculpture will not erode. They are secured to the tree with a thin cable which wraps around the tree and is screwed in on the opposite side of the face. This method protects the tree from damage and allows the cable to be adjusted if the tree is still growing. The faces will fit equally well on small and large trees and it is important to adjust the cable to protect the tree.