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Tree Faces

Welcome to, we hope to provide you with the latest information and news concerning tree faces. We do not actually have any tree faces for

sale, but we will provide product reviews. Putting tree faces on your yard’s trees is a phenomenon that is sweeping the nation.  Homeowners love to add some personality to their yard by adding a face to their trees. Tree faces come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and are made out of several different materials.   The more expensive tree faces can run up to $90, these tree faces tend to be about certain brands like the NFL, or a movie or television show.  Cheaper tree faces run around $10, but even the cheaper tree faces can give your tree its own personality.  If you are a hobbyist or want an activity to do with your children, tree faces could easily be carved out of wood.  This project would be similar to building a snowman in the winter, only you would be doing it to your tree.

There are so many types of tree faces that you can pick one that suits you or your family’s personality. For instance, if you are a big sports fan, you can find tree faces made of your favorite players.  If you have a favorite actor or celebrity, there are tree faces that resemble these people.  Religious tree faces are also popular among the believers.  You can also decide to interchange your tree faces seasonally. For example, during Halloween, you might want to put up a spooky tree face.

Many people like to just match their tree face’s expression to how they feel.  Are you generally a happy person or a funny person, a funny person or a serious person?  You can match your tree’s facial expression to your personality.   Also, you do not have to stop at the face. You could give your tree ears, eyebrows, or even a tail for added fun.   Your children might have a favorite animal (either real or fictional) that they might like to represent on the three.

When you finally get a hold of a tree face that you want to put on your tree, installation is simple.  All you will need is a hammer and some nails from your local hardware store.  Hanging a tree face is similar to hanging on a photo frame on the wall. You must insert the nails first into the tree, and then hang the face onto the nails.  The faces themselves are low maintenance and can handle most weather conditions.  Some neighbors of mine have kept the same tree face on their tree for years; all they do is repaint it every few years. There are many places to purchase tree faces from the large chain like Wal-Mart or Amazon to the local family-owned wood carving store in your town, shop around until you find the perfect one.  Also, you will probably be able to find a wood carver in your town that can custom make one for you.  This might be more expensive, but you could get the perfect tree face suited for your family and your backyard.


The Best Occasions for Tree Faces Decor

Tree faces decor is one of the creative decorations gaining popularity today. These decorations take the form of a human face with each piece independent

of the other. This allows you to position the face in such a fashion that suits your preference.

It is composed of four main pieces: two for the eyes, one for the nose and one for the mouth. The back of each piece is equipped with a mounting device that is similar to that of a tack. This allows each of the facial pieces to securely attach to the bark of a tree.

These decorations can be used in various occasions. Halloween is one of the most popular seasons that experience a spike in terms of tree faces decor sales. The pieces can be attached on the front yard to create the creepy illusion of ghosts that dwell in the tree. This has been a part of most ghost stories which is why most homes decorate their yards with it in order to run in line with the festivities. Seeing a face on the bark of the tree has never failed to give passers by the urge to take a second look. Also, it successfully runs a shudder down the spine of those who glance at it. Your home is sure to win an award for best decorations with tree faces decor.

You can also use tree faces decor for Christmas. Though using it bare is fine, it will be very much helpful if you add accessories to the face on your tree for a more festive effect. You can use your tree faces decor to make a lot of Santa Claus faces on the barks of your tree. All you need is the basic pieces of the tree faces decor combined with red hats and tinsel and you have your very own tree Santa. You can even customize the look by decorating other tress in green working hats to make them look like elves. This turns your lawn into Santa’s workshop. Your neighbor will surely be blown away by this creative decorative idea fit for your home. Be the first to try it out and win the awe of your entire neighborhood.

Thinking out of the box is always a good thing. Don’t settle for the ordinary decorations you can get from the store. Be more daring and play on new things. Get your tree faces decor set today.